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New A4 2.0 tdi - unsmooth gear change ??????


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Have had my new A4 2.0 tdi sline for about 6 weeks and 1300 miles now and the roughness of the gear changes is getting to me? Is this a known problem and can something be done about it? The only way I can get a totally smooth change is a very fast shift - only possible in a straight throw, say 3rd to 4th. Surely this cannot be right?? Any help and ideas much appreciated. Thanks

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Thanks chaps,

I don't know if I am just a little picky, but I don't expect the car to jerk a bit when I change gear. It's mainly 1st to 2nd - this might be because 1st gear has no go at all??

[/ QUOTE ]

Maybe it is a technique thing, being a diesel it will have a limited rev range but oodles and oodles of torque from tick-over upwards.

So get it rolling in 1st and don't worry about nailing it to the red-line, 3000 rpm will be enough and get into 2nd gear asap and then stick your foot down....you can accelerate swiftly and smoothly...it will be quicker than you think...

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