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Annoying Problem fixed


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Im sure you all are aware of the crappy peice of trim on the battery side in the boot. The bit where the clips all break and when you go round a bend anything in there rolls around the boot.

Well this was broke on my last A8 and many others to, there was a guy on the audiworld forums that remoulded the clips using modelling clay etc and fixed it that way. Well i never got round to getting any clay and after doing some other bits and bobs and having a clear out in the garage, i found some locks i have had for a loooong time.

For some reason it just popped into my head and here is the result



Both locks use the same key,to slots cut into the side trim and hey presto,

now its very secure and will hold anything behind it as it should do. Simple but effective. 169144-ok.gif

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There is a very "slight" possibilty i may be able to source the same locks i used.

I cant promise anything and until i find out, i cant even speculate on the cost, but once i know,

and "if" i can get them

i would be more than happy to supply to whoever wants them

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