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Does this make any sense?


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I haven't quite understood why the aircon gas pipes that run from the condensor, etc. to the evaporator round the side of the engine are not insulated? Surely a lot of heat gets absorbed into the low pressure pipe as temperatures can become quite high under the bonnet? I would've have thought that by insulating, far more effective cooling can be achieved.

Or would this cause freezing up?

Anyone with any ideas, cos I'm tempted to try it. smile.gif

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Wont make much if any difference, The feed side for the Aircon evaporator is the hot side anyway.

How air-con works:

If you compress a gas it becomes hot, but when you let it expand again it cools down. If you turn a gas into a liquid, and then allow it to turn back into a gas the effect is multiplied. The main components of all systems are as follows.

The gas is drawn into the compressor, and then compressed by a number of pistons. The compressed gas then goes through a large radiator normally behind the normal cooling rad, where the gas is cooled. This piece of equipment is called the condensor because it condenses the gas (turns it from a gas to a liquid.) The liquid gas now moves into the car, and is squirted through a jet into another radiator. The gas evaporates and cools down. This radiator is called the evaporator for obvious reasons. Basically that is all there is to it. Provided the system doesn’t develop a leak, the gas will continue this cycle, almost ad-infinitum. Everything else in the system is designed to control temperature or to ensure a longer life for the equipment. 169144-ok.gif

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