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Whats the best PS3 game yet?


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Rainbow Six Vegas.

Awesome, and can be made very difficult.

Great graphics and effects and a fine selection of weapons and equipment.

Plus some nice touches such as snake cam for looking into rooms before entering.

Better that Resistance and Call of Duty IMO.

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Got tranformers the other week.

Firstly the movie is mind blowing,absolutely amazing.......

the game......very repetative(cant remember how to spell that word)....not enough moves when fighting,graphics is ok

Wouldve like more time spent on transforming from car to robot,loved that in the film.takes under a second in the game.I have actually stopped playing it cause i lost interest!

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Transformers is awful!!

I honestly think it will be in the top 10 worst games ever!!

Ridge Racer 7 is excellent, real arcade racing at its best!!

Virtua Tennis is great too, but need a couple of players.

Virtua Fighter is worth buying the console for alone, but you need people who will put time into it with you, it takes ages to get it.

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