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Dog cage for an A3 & Golf


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Excuse the dull subject matter, but do any A3/Golf owners have sloping sided dog carrier cages that fit in the boot?

Been trying to find one that takes up most of the space in the back of my Mk 4 R32 and my wife's 8P A3 2.0 Tdi.

All the ones that I have looked at are just too big or so small that a Patterdale terrier wouldn't be able to turn around in. I would rather not fit dog guards as I don't want nose marks all over the boot and rear windows, plus the cage would be moved around the Golf, A3 and my work Land Rover.

Maximum size is 34l x 18w x 24h inches or 86l x 49w x 65h cm

Closest so far has been a RAC Approved one but it's only just too big frown.gif

This is the kind of design I'm after.

Thanks in advance 169144-ok.gif

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I'd recommend a Lintran dogbox.

Take a look here for info


They are fibreglass so don't let any mess out like a metal cage would and they are also light so easy to move from car to car and they don't rattle at all unlike a metal cage. I have one (DB1 on their site - but with twin doors) that is sloped at the back to fit (fits fine in my A6 but it's the smallest model they do (fits my jack russell with loads of room - and is big enough for the jack russell and a springer spaniel to sleep in) and I've had it in a Mk4 golf boot before and they claim it will fit a Polo so should fit nicely in an A3. I bought mine on ebay for £50 ...but one did just go for £160 so it seems to be a bit of pot luck but most people want the bigger ones for discovery/ shogun sized etc so it might be worth looking out for one of the smaller ones on ebay if you can wait a little while....

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