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Previous Owner Details ??


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Appreciate the reply buddy. I was contacted once about a car of mine believe it or not. The owner of this car, according to the dealerships, was an 'enthusiast' !!

Just want to check everything about it, before spending large amounts of cash. Too cautious ?? Probably.

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I presume you're buying it from a dealer. Ask them for the details of the previous owner and they should give them to you. Also, look through the service history, then call the dealer(s) where the car was serviced and ask if it had any additional work.



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No-one has EVER rung me about a previous car of mine! Anyone else?

[/ QUOTE ]

Got letter a off nice nurse (female) once who brought my Clio 16v from a auction miles away from me. Dealers don't like flogging on their own patch then ?

Anyway .... Letter 1 she gets nicked for speedin' and loves the car ... Letter2 is on about getting zorst and airbox mods !

Girls 'n' cars eh girls 'n' cars ROLLEY~14.GIFyelrotflmao.gif

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God bless you lads. Yes, is it from a dealership. The earliest I can get to it is Wednesday.

No firm 6463 update on service record yet. This will be followed up.

I will follow up the warranty repairs record too. Good tip that !!

Jimmy P, as soon as i know the number plate, I'll send you a PM. It's a kind offer to look into this for me.

What a great forum this is !!!

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