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weekly update (smooth bumper time)


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back to modding the outside this week

whipped the front bumper off and started chopping it about


it had a dent in the front and a almighty crack on the underside from the careless previous owner

the car never gets dirty enough to need the headlight washers so they went in the bin,


then i pulled off the numberplate recess and cut it up


then made up some infill panels and part of the original recess to smooth it over all welded into place



next i had to repair the cracked section of the lower valence made op of several sections


then with the rest of the bumper smoothed the feature line had to go here it is in prep


that's as far as i got so far

more updates to follow

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A man with many talents 169144-ok.gif did you photochop your sig pic to show a smooth bumper?

Thats a perfect excuse to get rid of those stone chips; they're driving me nuts on my car. While your at it have you thought about putting the lower chrome insert on and may be some HD mini fogs in the side grills just a thought smile.gif

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yep that is a p/shop in my sig will be reality by the end of the week,

i was thinking of getting a face lift bumper and molding the lower half to my bumper but its my everyday car so i cant do without it for that long.

i am going to sort out a lower chrome strip tho and I'm getting hid dip beams sorted so that will do on the lighting front

cheers for the comment

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I'd of swapped bumpers with you! I'm after headlight washers as my QS doesn't have them and im retro fitting xenons in the future. :-(

Never mind. What paint you using? I've got a door the needs respraying. (wink wink)


[/ QUOTE ]

damn it now you say,

I'm using 2k base and clear

p.s I'm not a professional painter

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one week later and its back on, i think at a pro body shop id would be looking at £500-£700 to get that done in man hours i got it done in total for £60 in parts

here it is




still needs a wet flat but im pleased with the way it turned out

watch this space for more...............

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been following your mods to your car with interst and great envy - I wish I was as good as you at all these mods-I'm the original "uselees" re.any mechanical or diy (my wife won't let me even attempt anything since my one and only try at some shelving resulted in an horrendous crash a day after she'd put the vases etc. on them!).

Generally it doesn't matter but recently I'd wcould have done with being as handy as you-the front bumper on my S8 was looking a bit the worse for wear with numerous stone chips,and, as our local valet place also does stone chip repairs, i treated the old girl to a full valet and front bumper touch-up.

Collected the car at 4,30-it looked very smart- so -paid my £150 and prouidly started the 2x mile journey home.Naturally, within 100yds of leaving the valet place it absolutely chucked it down, which wouldn't have been so bad if not for the fact that a tractor had just gone down the road, leaving most of it's previously ploughed field all over the road,so by the time i got the car home it was filthy again. I was so disgruntled about this that I was less careful than normal about backing the car in to the garage and managed to catch the front bumper on the side wall and put a nice long scratch on it!

Obviously not one of my better days.

Incidentally - hello to all on here - don't get the chance to look as often as I'd like, but whenever i do am always impressed by the friendliness and helpfullness on here - miss Sven though

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Yeah-the s8 is still got the wow factor! -don't get to drive it so much now, as i have to use the A6 tdi most days in a (probably futile) attempt to keep my licence a bit longer - just couldn't bring myself to sell the beastie though -longesyt i've ever kept a car for, except the original Merc 500 sel that had been AMG'd, and the S8 will have been in my care for longer even than that one in a couple of months.

Considering what I'd get for it, there just isn't another performance saloon that offers the same combination of looks,comfort safety and go for the same bucks-it's done 119,000 miles but looks and drives pretty well like new, and will probably outlast me

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yes JUGGA see it most days and drool with envy 169144-ok.gif got the 2 potato stands in leamington one in the town and other near The Shires, unfortunatly Leamington seems to have major problems with "chav" cars driving up and down the parade so when you see a car worth admiring it sticks in your mind smile.gif

If your ever passing pop by for something to eat not unless you do already wink.gif

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  • 3 months later...

here we go again................

front bumper back off for a repaint


time to get the back one matching the front...


smoothing the line out and gloss blacking the lower halfs of the bumper


and a few other bits i have done

£3.85 S8 mirrors


and my show plate


few other things in the pipeline alont the lines of rear camber and spacers FIREdevil.gif

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