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Roofbox Q - Thule Atlantis 900


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here has a Thule Atlantis 900 roofbox for their A4 Avant. If so, are you happy with it? At 235cms long it looks like it'd cause problems opening the tailgate. All I'm after is the biggest roofbox I can get which will still allow the tailgate to open (if not to full height) to a decent height so the boot can be accessed okay.

I've searched the forums and the Net generally but haven't managed to find any comments from A4 owners on this particular (sized) roofbox.


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Hi Pad1969 and welcome to TSN!

I have the Thule Spirit box and it is 1960mm X 775 X 330

I did not want something that was going to be "too big" and wanted to make sure the boot opened fully. But most importantly I wanted it to look good.

It is perfect! About 1cm between back of roof box and boot! (boot has top spoiler (AVANT)) grin.gif

Check out my Gallery here

I got it from roofracks .co .uk

Brilliant service! Oh and get the garage lifter thingy ma bob. Takes one minute and you can take it on and off yourself!

Also Have a look at this "matchmaker" at the bottom of this page

Hope this helps! 169144-ok.gif

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Thanks SPLiix. I agree the Spirit looks very good indeed. I need the max capacity I can get but maybe the Atlantis 900 is just too big for the A4 Avant (esp the roof spoiler!). So, I should be looking at no longer than 196cm then to avoid any tailgate tomfoolery.

Thanks for your help and spotting the fact that it was my first post!


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