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Booking a test drive when not in a position to buy


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Would anyone do this?

The reason I ask is that I can get a car through work under what's called a family lease. So basically, they get it fleet, and then give it to me. Not a company car per se, because it's purely for personal use, but works out cheaper.

So, if I were to say go for a GTI, I'd obviously want to test one first, however, the dealer that I tested at may not get the sale from the NHS as they just go with whoever can give them the best deal the day you request it. Would a dealer look harshly upon me if I just came up front and said what my circumstances were? Would/could they just deny me the drive? Or should I just not mention anything, and make out like I'm going to buy it from them? I don't like wasting people's time, or not being honest, but I can't really go and order a car I've not driven! UHOH7.GIF

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I'm like you - I much prefer to be upfront about everything. I doubt if a dealer would give you a test drive unless he thought there was the possibility of a sale - They're pretty hard-nosed usually. However, if they knew you already (which is how I got my Mk5 R32 solo test drive) they would probably accommodate you out of goodwill for the future (future possibility of sales again!).

I wouldn't have a conscience about telling a porky to a car salesman and no-one 'gets hurt' by such an act of deception grin.gif.

Tip: Turn up in the most expensive car you've got and convince yourself you are going to buy it if you like it.

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I had a similar thought drpellypo when i got my company car.

Im based near Warrington and all our company Renaults come from the dealer in Carlisle. So when i went for a test drive at the local dealer, they wanted to flog me finance.

So i was straight and told them it wasn't going to be my purchase as it was a works car.

Then they tried to find out my fleet managers name to try and sell to her.

I told them it was out of her hands and was in the hands of the lease company.

It got awkward.

I asked my fleet manager what to do and she told me the best way would be ring them up and tell them what the situation was, but then tell them you would get your car serviced there - that seemed to work ok and the sales staff seemed fine about it.

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I wouldnt hesitate to "use" a VW dealer based on my experience of what a load of hopeless w*nkers most of them are!

[/ QUOTE ]

I went to crappy Abridge VW a couple of weeks ago (saturday), cars that were not in the show room or anywhere else to be seen were:






The only Polos were used if you wanted to go in one and the choice of Tourans and Golfs were limited. What utter b/s that place is, i know they get bad comments about there service too but i live in town. Hmm!!

Across the road is the Mini and BMW dealer (Mini won the day) and a new MB garage. In Loughton itself is the Honda and Vauxhall dealer.


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Thanks for the advice chaps. And yes, the dealer I'll go to for a test drive will get all my warranty and servicing work.

I'll have a chat with the lease manager, he may well be able to sort something for me. Otherwise, I'll just make out I'm a punter. I'm credible, as I'll be pulling up in a 55 plate Passat with the story that I'm bored with it as it's an old mans car (which is true!) and want something more exciting.

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Will they be getting the servicing side of things?

They probably make more on that than the car sale!

However, turn up in a nice - but older car, and I am sure they'll let you out in one. Tell them you are thinking of getting one (which you are), but just not how you are getting one.

Some dealers don't think twice before having you over, and how else are you to find out if you like it or not!

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Easiest way I've found is to say that I'm not sure if I'm going to get it through the company or get it personally they tend to be fine then. However with our lease firm you say what car you want to test drive and they will organise a 72hr test drive for you.

I was looking at a BMW last time as well as Audi and I drove 3 BMWs with no problems from the dealer at all. The last one they gave me the keys and said make sure you get it back for 5 so I went and took it out to play for the day. grin.gif

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DrP, firstly I applaud your attitude for not wanting to waste peoples time. I would be the same as you in this respect. 169144-ok.gif

Im sure dealers get plenty of "test pilots" with no intention of purchasing and it ultimately makes it harder for "real" people to get test drives.

My suggestions would be these. Firstly speak to the fleet manager. If they buy a lot of cars through their fleet people then they might organise to get a car to you for you to try. In which case, no problem.

Option 2. Speak to the local dealer manager (not sales) and explain that you are a customer of theirs for servicing etc. You are looking to buy a new car but that it's unlikely to be through them due to the deal you can get from work, however you'd be pleased for them to quote you a deal if they'd like to. And that they will get all the servicing work (you might want to intimate that you're also looking at a One Series or something, just so they have some incentive for you getting a VW so they keep the servicing work). Chances are that as a current and prospective future service customer, they'll understand and look after you, especially if there is a chance that you might go to another brand otherwise.

Best of luck mate, let us know how you get on. beerchug.gif

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