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Dealer Contact Post order???


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Order placed for new car three weeks ago and deposit paid.

Should I be expecting contact from the dealer? or is it up to me to keep in touch??

So far have heard nothing at all......

Wen I bought the Touareg, the dealer called me every few days asking if i wanted to change anything, then build dates and then delivery updates....

My mother ordered a Mini and was inundated with mail and email and little gifts in the post until delivery, she loved it, and will definately order another as a result!

Little things I know but.....


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Yes indeed, although discounts were no where near as good as when you got yours! probably better to buy one in mid winter rather than the begining of summer - D'oh!

Ended up going via the place we got the Avant from last year, they matched the price etc and threw in a bunch of extras, (a wind break) and a go in their RS4 laugh.gif - want one!, plus they valeted our car whilst we were on test drive without being asked - which was nice touch and certainly got the wifes vote!

Mid June was the original quote for delivery.... but given the Avant turned up 2 weeks early I am hopeful for begining....

Can't wait!

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A4 Cab, 2.0T S-Line 6 speed, black leather interior, Avus Silver exterior. (was really torn between dolphin grey and quartz grey too)

S-line exterior kit, rear park assist, BOSE, heated seats front and rear, colour DIS, Symphony II (its cheaper than the autochanger option), Xenon Plus and thats it! Oh, and wind deflector as above too.

Would have liked the DVD Nav at £500..... but that offer is just on the saloon and avant.... frown.gif

Dont think it needs anything else? will call the dealer today to see if they have a build date yet.

Can't wait.


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Only thing i am not sure about was xenons, but my wife wanted them.... i don't see the point of the additional expense, in fact if I can i might try to cancel them.... best call up now.

She never know the difference anyway!

So whens the next cab meet then? laugh.gif


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My dealer didn't contact me at all. In fact, I didn't even know my car was ready until I called them!

It was somewhat of a shock, as I still had some things to sort out before I could do the part-ex/collection. The most annoying thing was I'd just filled up my part-ex vehicle, so lost the best part of £60 worth of petrol! SAUER0421.GIF

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You appear to have the same problem as me....

Ordered on 7th April and the ONLY thing I have to remind me of the bloody great dent in my bank balance is a flimsy sheet of yellow paper (the carbon copy of the order).

Went in on Saturday (Not having heard a THING) to be shown a computer screen showing my car as being on board the boat headed for Sheerness. Told car would be in UK Monday and today they should have Chassis no's and registration for me to sort out insurance.

Today I have still not heard anything and supposed to pick it up Friday and still cant insure it.

No, I am certainly NOT happy about the contact - or lack of. Even a simple "Welcome" letter from the dealership setting out the timeframe would be better than absolutely NOTHING!!! mad.gif

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I tried to call them last week, but could not get through, and then was finally told that the salesman was on vacation....

Dropped in yesterday evening and was told after they disappeared into an office to check that it was schedualed to be built this week apparently. But got the impression i was being fobbed off TBH.

So still got a long time to wait!!!!

When my mother ordered her MINI she has constant calls from the sales girl and lots of stuff from MINI in the post too.

Come on AUDI, send me a key ring or a mug or something too!

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I have just returned from the dealers this afternoon. To be fair they have always said this Friday or Saturday for delivery but with an outside chance for tomorrow.

Well, LAST saturday it was showing as "On Ship" on the system...today it is STILL showing as "On Ship".

Methinks there is a bit of confusion here - the salesman has said that "On Ship" means that it is physically on the boat. I am thinking that it is in a queue soemwhere in Germany wating to come accross.

I was worried as my last Audi dealership demanded that I got my insurance sent to them for the Tax etc. This dealer has said he can arrange 7 days "Free" insurance in any event and that they dont need my current company to provide cover for me to drive the car away.

A bit of releif but I do still wish I didn't have to do ALL the chasing here.....

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PDI should be done as soon as the vehicle arrives at the dealership.

In the US, the car hits the dealer and they want you there to pick it up that morning. They call you up constantly asking when you can get there to collect it. Remeber its not sold until they have the cash and you have the keys. (Unless you have sent them the money already?)

That way the dealer and salesman get paid etc.

I'd make them wait now if you are not in too much of a hurry.

You can guarantee they want it gone by month end so it will hit May's figures.

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Yes, I have heard that Audi Insurance can cover you for free for 7 days.

I agree, its disapointing the way customer service seems to be going in the UK these days, particularly when buying something so expensive.

[/ QUOTE ]

I have just got my free weeks insurance from audi, should pick the car up next wednesday when the insurance starts. 169144-ok.gif

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