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RS4 1.8T


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I might dress like like Bradd Pitt (I don't). I might cut my hair like Bradd Pitt (I don't). That's fine, because I see something I like (I don't) and want to be more like it - cause we can't all be Bradd Pitt! But I don't go around calling myself Bradd Pitt....because I'm not him.

Crap example, but you see the point. Copying something or someone is the biggest form of flattery. Pretending to be something your not by name just makes you a stalker.

Love Bradd. cool.gif

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Indeed, I removed a couple of "R" badges on my car because I thought they looked pants.

There is a chap next door at work with a standard A3, S3 wheels and an S3 badge on it. Oh, I think the Nurburgring sticker on the back makes it more credible too ...

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