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VW Passat 1.9TDi (2000) Coolant Leak Problem


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Hi Guys,

Wonder if anyone can help.

Last week my STOP ! Check Coolant Level alarm came up, so checked it and it was low. Topped her up and carried on. Four days later - happened again (I do about 80 miles a day). Topped her up, and this cycle continues .....

Removed the cover from the bottom of the engine bay after running her up the road and as from this picyure, you can see roughly where the leak is, but I cannot find it ! The leak is dripping off the front passenger side (Right Hand drive car) axle area. It would appear that the coolant is only dripping on the back part of the cover ?

Can anyone help me please !!!!!!!!!


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Hmmm.... I had the exact same problem (2001 Passat 1.9TDi 60K miles)... i.e. coolant disappearing... without any trace on the road, except when taking the belly pan off the car.

I highly suspect you have a leaking radiator.... try to examine the radiator ... it's not the easiest thing to see hidden away amongst the fans and the bumper.

If I'm not mistaken it's a common problem around those years.

Approx. £100 for a new radiator from VW.

Plenty on ebay .. but to get the right one requires some skill.

But obviously you will have to confirm that is the problem first.

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My 2002 Passat, only leaked when hot when it would dump half a litre in one go. Even a dealer four hour pressure check failed to find it. When pressure checked overnight dealer found it exactly same spot as yours. Fortunately under warranty at about 70k. (Had bought back the 3rd year due to excess miles)

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Just fixed mine, a 2003 130 Sport TDi, with 86k miles. Radiator leaking from left hand end tank, coolant sensor also failed, so did the whole job in one go. Relatively straight forward to do yourself, cost of genuine parts was around £110 all in (trade).

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Personally mate, i'd suggest attaching a bottle below the overflow on the back of the header tank. That way the bottle will either fill when it dumps fluid or you can eliminate, that from your list of possibilities.

I've the same leak as described above, and found that during a journey, the coolant was getting hot (temp gauge still at 90°C) pressurising and dumping out the overflow on the bottom of the headertank and draining off the undercar trays as described above.

So far a friend of a friend who runs a business specialising in VAG's has said without seeing the car that all symptons i describe point toward headgasket. But since i have noticed that, whereas the top rad pipe is very hot following a journey, the lower one is cold. On discovering this i ran the car with the small return hose to the header disconnected, to see if water was circulating and have found that very little seems to be?, when held at a constant 4000rpm, no water is beeing passed through this hose back into the header tank.

As a result of this, i'm going to change the waterpump and thermostat this weekend and put a new cambelt on for good measure also.

I'm hoping that i've either a jammed thermostat of the impella's have broken up in the water pump. If not then next step will be the headgasket.

Please let me know how you get on with yours and vice versa.

If anyone else has any input then please feel free to help us out, thanks+++

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Today I noticed water dripping from under the engine,it has now stopped but have no idea at this stage as to the source.There are no warning lights on and no issues with the temp.

It's a 2002 1.9tdi 130bhp

Will take a look again in more detail in the morning.

Any suggestions would be great...

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hi dont know if u still use this forum been a long time since ur post about the passat,was trawling the net and discovered ur thread,which describes my symptoms exactly!can u tell me if it was ur waterpump,or did it turn out to be ur head gasket?help would be appreciated,cheers adam

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