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In august 06, i had a small bump in a public car park

with another car. I accepted it was a 50/50 bump - both at fault.

However the other car made a claim against me(cheek)

My insurance company Admiral contacted me - so i completed an accident report for them. Having heard nothing since October 06 - assumed claim was Void. It was classed as 50/50 bump and neither of us claimed of each others insurance.

My Policy was due for Renewal with Admiral in April 07, it seemed high quote(£642).

So also did a quote for my dad going on my policy with Confused.Com and Admiral quoted £440. On contacting them was told claim against me was still ongoing but nothing had been chased since Dec 06 by my insurance company(admiral)

they then reviewed my quote with Dad on policy to £700+ due to ongoing claim against me.

I had no choice but to renew with them (for £642 renewal price)- when i was getting other quotes and mentioned on going claim against me - the price rocketed!

Person within Admiral Claims dept advised that they would pursue claim and hopefully then close the case. I should be able to get some money back from Admiral on my renewal policy.

Well Case was finally closed May 13th

On contacting Admiral today - was told i have no right to small refund on my inflated policy.

I said i was not happy - this was their error due to imcompetence in fighting my case and not contacting the other company since Dec 06.

How do i stand in getting some money back on my over inflated renewal premium?

When there was no case/claim against me and this had no been closed

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Elephant tried to do the same to me.

There was a minor incident, it was agreed as knock for knock and (silly me) just to protect myself I told the insurance Company.

9 months later and no a sniff of a claim and they sent me a renewal that was +50% of the previous year.

After protracted discussion they advised me that the 'potential claim' would have to sit on the file.

I said I'd walk away, not tell the next insurance Company and get a decent and realistic premium. They said that might be fraud, I said- since the claim has never been made I wouldn't be frauding myself on the application.

They considered this, accepted my argument and dropped the renewal back down to where it should have been.

Admiral are the same group. Phone them up and ask them to remove the claim from your records (since there hasn't been one) and take off the penalty element of your new premium since it is no longer valid.

If they disagree (and the sum involved is decent enough)move to another insurer and do not declare the claim, since it hasn't been paid out, there isn't a claim.

They could argue that a claim is pending, you can argue that due to lapsed time the claim will never be made.

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