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Any musical MIDI experts out there?


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Hi all

Not strictly in keeping with the forum title, but IT related i guess smile.gif

I have a set of normal drums and a set of electronic drums (Ion trigger pads and in Ion/Alesis 16 drum machine).

Currently the Ion drum machine is set to play drum sounds when triggered, however what i would like to do is link the drum machine to 'some other device' via the MIDI out so that other sounds can be played with the pads are hit.

This is where my knowledge of all things electronically musical ends. I assume that i needs some sort of synth or sampler or other such device to accept the midi information??

In an ideal world i'd like this to play not just single notes on the triggers, but a sequence of notes/sounds/samples for each trigger, and for it to cater for polyphonic voices (multiple triggering of the same pad).

Any help would be appreciated.

As an aside, does anyone have any info on an electronic bass machine? I know Korg et al do drum machines but does anyone do a bass equivilent? I'd like to rig it up so that i can play the drums along to the electronic bass.



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Roland used to make an electronic bass box with a sequencer, not seen one for a while now. If your drum kit can output midi notes and assign then to values (36=middle C) then you could just add a midi input to a PC and load a software synth like "Reason" as a test. Hundreds of soft synths you can download for PC nowadays, including a pretty good BASS guitar that came free with cubase,

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