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Replacing Concert II with DVD Nav?


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This is on a B7 Cab with Bose.

Having seen the DVD navs available on Ebay with Europe DVD's etc and wiring, how difficult is it to replace the standard Concert II on the A4 Cab with a nav system?

Dealer wants £1800 v's £500 on ebay...

Anyone else done this? it would seem that you have to route the receiver up to the dash somehow, but the rest should be plug and play i presume.

Anyone know the part number for a DVD NAV system for a B7 CAB?

and if there is any issue with having BOSE?

Could be an interesting project for an afternoon.



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They are only Double Din if you order either RNS-E or Symphony II / III from the factory. For Concert IIs you will have to install a Double Din cage, obviously moving the AC control unit down into the empty space in front of the ash tray.

Quite a few people on here have played around with this and upgraded from Concert II to RNS-E etc , so just do a quick search and I am sure you will find something 169144-ok.gif

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As Craig says, it's easy.

I did the same on my Avant and swapped a Concert II for the RNS. I only had to swap over two wires and do some tweaking with Vag-Com.

I opted to change my Aerial and put the proper OEM one on but you should be fine with one under the dash, it seems to work ok for loads of others.

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Have a look on here , plenty of answers for you.

You need to swap one cable for BOSE because the pin on the Concert is in a different place than the RNS. So is the K line pin which is used by vag-com to talk to the RNS.

If you haven't got vag-com then ask around on here, there may be someone local who can help you out. I've got one and I'm in Plymouth.


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