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Aircon Condense drain position and oil leak


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Can anyone tell me exactly where i should expect to see condense leaking from if looking underneath the car. I was checking for an oil leak last night and on the front drivers side up underneath the bell housing there was condense leaking out betwen the bodywork and the heat shield. It isnt coming from the coolant, that I know as its cold. About an hour before id spray washed the car so perhaps its a slighly blocked drain hole??? Ive never noticed this before but then i dont crawl about under my caras a matter of course. Some guy at the garage commented he saw a whiisp of smoke/steam coming from my front wheel, which is cold and had a new bearing fittted recently so its not that...I didnt notice any but I had just been on a blast from London to Bristol so it may be a bit of oil somewhere. Ive had a look on the a/c drain hole unblocking procedure but this doesnt say where it drains out too

Whilst we are on the subject of oil leaks its a 1999 2.8 Sport non quattro and is leaking oil from the front LHS of the engine. If you take out the plastic undertray its leaking on the front LHS.The top end seems nice and oil free. Any ideas Im guessing its the sump gasket perhaps. Shine a torch through the front passenger wheel arch and i can see the whole area covered in oil.Its not losing oil at an alarming rate (about a litre avery 1500 miles which for 122k is normal I guess)Anyone know af any common leak positions on the 2.8's



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