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2006 2.4 A6 Comment please.


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I'm off to sunny Sydney in a couple of weeks time and have to replace my uk cars. Mine was a 2001 2.8 Quattro A8 and whilst I'd like another simular in Aus the A8 residuals are nuts so i'm looking at other members of the audi range.

One I've spotted as a potental is the new shape A6. It seems pretty large, in fact at first appearance it looks close in size to my older shaped a8. A link to one that looks interesting is here.

My questions are really...

How good is the 2.4? My 2.8 wasn't exactly a stunner in terms of performance, will this be the same/better/worse.

Space... are these noticably smaller inside then my older a8 (the older a6 was...). I can live with a smaller car but I'd like to keep the gadgets that go with larger cars.

How good are they compared to the 5 series? for some reason audi's are demanding better residuals in aus so the 5 is quite appealing.

Anything I should be looking out for? Hopefully at a year old it should have a big lump of Audi warranty left but it's nice to know.

Thanks in advance.


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