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My MKIV Pics


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Hello All.

I think I may have figured out how to post pics within my post. I was up at APS about two weeks ago but I'm only just getting round to posting the first pictures of my R. I'm such a lazy bas*@$d grin.gif

Mods carried out so far are;


Pentagon tints [Light Smoke on sides, Smoke on rear]


Rear wiper and Aerial change. The stubby aerial makes the car look more 'squat'. Believe it or not, this is actually my best mod. Thanks to Petsy 169144-ok.gif


Milltek resonated catback [Might change this to non-resonated though as I could do with more volume]. By the way, the guys at APS are simply the best; friendly and professional. If only the Stealers could be that good eh?

Now, let's try posting those pictures... I think I may well muck this up.







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Nice mate, did Paul sort you with coffee grin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Oh no, LOL! I declined coffee and had a cold drink instead. The whole day was fantastic apart from all the roadworks on the M1 driving up from London. I bounced up the M1 and decided to bounce down via the M40. God, the suspension is stiff but I would not change a thing. I simply adore the MK IV and, I know I'm biased but those pictures do not do it justice. It's so hard in every sense of the word; looks, performance, handling. Shame I only really drive it at weekends frown.gif


The stubby aerial should fit your V. I am desperately trying to find the web address and will post it before midnight. Don't worry mate, I've got it here somewhere.


The resonated milltek catback is fine. I went for it as I feared that the non-resonated might be too loud. I had only ever heard the Milltek on video (never 'live'). The sound is muffled in a really nice menacing way if you get my drift grin.gif. Defo better than standard IMO.


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Looks nice TNM 169144-ok.gif

Shame it's in black, because it'll be slower than the blue ones... tongue.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Nice one Mook grin.gif

Actually, I love the MKIV in black and as for the V, it's really between black and DBP. The shape of the V is growing ever so slowly on me but you gotta love the shape of the MK IV. Jeeze, VW got it right first time with that shape didn't they. No wonder you're having some difficulty finding a replacement for the IV R (IIRC) although I suspect you've got something 'under your hat'. wink.gif

Oh by the way, I've only just replied as I cannot login at work NONO3.GIF. Wouldn't want anyone thinking it took me over 8 hrs to read your one-line post. jump.gif



M-F: Peugeot 106 Diesel, Sat & Sun: Black '04' MK IV R.

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