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Wax Spray


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Very sensible. I need something like that for my wheel nuts. They are on show on my car, but I cannot keep them untarnished. Have tried Megs polish and a toothbrush to no avail. In the end I just gunked them in metal polish for the worst of the winter months to keep the salt off the metal.


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Wax just ordered from local Audi dealer at a cost of £14.16

When I first asked if they had an anti-corrosion, spray wax he told me to go to Halfords, but I then told him the part number and he quickly found it. It's a special order and I should have it Wednesday.

He didn't appear to be aware of the spray wax and even commented that it's a good (part) number to know.

He also commented that it's probably very similar to the Waxoyl type products you can buy from Halfords, but I'd rather have the Audi one for my application.

<font color="#666666">For Search Engine:

Audi Wax Spray Part No. D 322 000 A2</font>


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