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sodding puncture


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Had a bloody puncture today. Got bolts off no problemo but could i get the wheel off - not a sniff.

Mr Audi assist (aka the RAC) got it off using a very technical method - kick the fecker grin.gif


Apparently corrosion makes wheel stick and its common. Said they should use copper slip or something.

grrr.. anyway Audi assist was there within 30 mins. (In the form of an RAC van). 169144-ok.gif

Tyre pressure monitors are fecking annoying btw. Doesn't give any indication of actual pressure, just a big flashing wheel that drives you nuts! - you can't turn it off if engine is running and so can't see fuel range remaining etc!!

(I've had a slow puncture for a few days and the warning has been driving me crazy!!)

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had exactly the same problem changing a tyre on my old A4, ended up hitting it with the spare tyre to knock it loose. Glad it happened whilst I was changing it in the relative comfort of my driveway rather than in the rain on the hard-shoulder.

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