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Hi all,

I have asked this before but never got a definate answer....

I have a '99 2.0 gti, it has the multi function stalk, but the screen remains black.

Is the multi function an added option or is it as standard with the gti?

If it is standard, does anyone have any helpful suggestions to fix this?

.....also! I was thinking of fitting the cruise control stalk/loom, will it work on my model?


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I'm afraid that most people here have the Mk5 and few of us know the answer to your question.

Give AwesomeGTI a call on 0161 776 0777 - I expect they'll be able to advise/help you.

The multifunction wheel was an extra option on earlier Mk5's, I don't know if it is now standard.

HTH 169144-ok.gif

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