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Odd MMI glitch today


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I need to search my pockets for stray EMI emmitters as I'm suffering electricla glitches today.

First my business partner's RR went into some kid of fit and claimed failures in the air suspension, gearbox, ABS, Hill Descent, Traction Control and brakes all at once. It lowered itself to it's lowest setting and wouldn't go above 3rd gear.

Then I went to the local Shell and the pump reset to zero but wouldn't pump. Then their card terminal would't take my card so I had to swipe and sign.

Then the S8 changed itself to the Car/Users screen when I started it, and wouldn't respond to any button presses. After a few seconds, it started responding to button presses, but it had the Nav menus in the Car screen, so it was all red and the soft-button decriptions didn't match the function they performed.

Once I changed to another mode and caused a whole screen redraw it was fine.






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I get days like that, everything sightly electrical seems to fail. My X10 stops working, the DAB radio goes fritzy in the car.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yep, I daren't go near any of our servers at work. Perhaps I should use this as an excuse to go home early? grin.gif

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