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Not much going on in here, where is everyone??


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There is that, I have been to the tip many times since lol, theres so much stuff in there im still not sure whats gone and whats not. I think they just made a mess but what upset me the most was the big door was left open for more than likley 12 hours plus with quite a few people we know had walked past in the morning and just thought one of us must have been in there, Also one bloke we know had looked in at 10am as thought it was a bit odd, door open no car outside etc and so asked his brother who has the shop round the corner from our workshop to contact us and he never did! I did not find it open till late afternoon and i nearly did not go there that day either. So who knows who has been in there in that time as its on a busy cut through between the shops,houses and to the bus stops (kids would have been going to school that morning etc).

I have now installed a GSM alarm addon so the alarm calls me when it goes off so i at least know it will not stand open.

The police, well im not impressed (understatment), called them as soon as i found it open they said they would send someone out, i waited 4 hours then decided it would be better to secure the building and go home. Two days later get a phone call on my mobile number i had left when i originally phoned the police, they ask can i meet them at the building in 10 mins, luckie i could. I went straight there, 2.5 hours later they turned up. The local police station is only about a mile away the local town one about 2.5 miles and main county one 10 miles away. They filled in a couple of forms and left. SAUER0421.GIF

RANT OVER openfire.gif

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