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KW variant 3's


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just had some more work done on the car and what a difference !!

i did have the koni fsd's and eiback springs and ARB's but after changing the koni's because they were faulty i decided to go for the KW variant 3's. these are adjustable for bump rebound and ride height. Cost me £960 with fitting thrown in free. ( i did have some AP 4 pots and discs fitted as well)

My initial impression on the KW's were "wow what a difference, am i driving the same car?"

The cornering grip and lack of body roll which i thought was good with the koni fsd's were greatly improved. i thought this would be at the expense of ride comfort, but NO way. The ride comfort is excellent no harshness at all. the car is so stable at speed its unreal. country lanes taken at speed are awsome now, virtually no body roll or dipping under heavy braking. the car just flows throught the bends. Ive taken it along my favorite stretch of country road and have taken all bends faster and with less fuss.

So you get comfort and performance in one package and they are fully adjustable too.

anyone thinking of new suspension should seriously consider these. I know the price is alot but in my humble opinion i think they are worth every penny.

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