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It's finally happened


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The leatherette on the side of the recaro (drivers seat) is starting to disintegrate.

Theres a small hole, roughly the size of a cigarette burn appeared on the side of the bolster, by the door.

Also the stitching is starting to look tired frown.gif

So i'm off to the dealer this morning to find out what they can do about it.

One very pi55ed off Glaswegian coming through!!!!!!!

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What dealers were u at fastlad?

My car in is verve jus now, because of the issues i am having with the recaros with the side bolsters coming apart and basically leaving the leather hanging loose.

They said they have solution from VW and will need the car for 2days to fix it.

Lets hope they fix it this time once and for all!

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Is everyone with the Recaros having problems?

Is it just the leather ones, or are the cloth ones coming apart too?

And has anyone done a decent mileage with the leather ones without any problems?

I hope its not going to turn into a mk4 sagging leather problem Flush.gif

Remember this....


..........and this


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Zeesh- it's Arnold Clark on Crow road.

I also went to a specialist car trimming place today for advice.

They told me they would be able to fix it if i got the leather from VW. Alternatively, they have a very close match to the colour of the recaro leather.

They can repair the side bolster and reinforce it...for £120

They're repair will carry a 1 year guarantee 169144-ok.gif

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That happened to me Major H, got a phone call from the dealers to say "err we broke the knob for back rest adjustment need to book ure car back in"

Not even an apology! These recaros are really causing problems!

Ahh well the milltek is on its way hopefully that should take my mind off it for a while!!

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Just had a call from the dealer this afternoon.....

They recieved an email from VW saying that they would be doing sod all about the recaro's and that in any case the seats only carry 1 years warranty!!!!!

My car is 1 year, 2 weeks old.

So everyone with or thinking of getting Recaro's, you have been warned crazy.gif

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All that money and after only one year they cant sort it!!!

i have leather in mine (thank god i did not go for recaro)

the stiching is coming away on mine were the back rest and the seat meet (it is only a bit of leather hiding the ajustment) i have been up and they took photo's,TWO MONTHS MAY I ADD!!! still waiting,

i have had a few things go wrong with mine,back windscreen wiper motor,some probes in the engine,faulty petrol gage on the mfd,never got the instuctions for the sat-nav (took nearly a year for them!!! )

get youself onto the vw customer care line,number in your hand book!!!give them stick!!

you can't tell me you pay £2500 for seats and they are only covered for one year!!! BULL poo!!! dont let, them fob you off,phone them all the time. my R is 14 month old and only done 7000 miles and still all these faults!!

please let me know how you get on :-) bowdown.gif


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I think Watchdog is actually a reality, we should get together and hatch a plan and i'm serious. I've got a dossier as long as my arm with photos , emails to VW customer services the lot. After actually being promised a new seat back from the factory and agreement on this with VW customer services. The (VW Customer services) moved office, my representative moved on, they lost the case notes and now i'm back to square one...quite honestly believe VW UK are a fecking joke now, the incompetence is amazing..... rant over tongue.gif

But back to the watchdog thing ... i think we should do it grin.gif

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