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I was searching for some recent posts on integrating an iPod into my S8 and couldn't find much after 2005. Has anybody integrated anything like the Harmon Kardon Drive and play? (check out the next generation)

http://reviews.cnet.com/4326-3425_7-6570805.html?tag=img FIREdevil.gif

What about the Dension Ice, surely somebody has integrated that or their Gateway 400 into an A8?

I am a very happy Mac-o-phile which means I don't have a PC at home which means I can't use any 'PhatNoise' stuff since they all use Windows software.

If you are a fellow Mac geek, you will be aware that whilst I can boot my latest Intel Mac into Windows I still wouldn't have all my iTunes library at hand so let's just say I need an iPod friendly interface and leave it at that!

I've got a spare centre armrest free and am warming-up my soldering iron; what do you guys recommend?

P.S. Can't make the meet sadly (even though for one summer holiday at college I worked in the petrol station at Billing Aquadrome! - I think they gave me all the lead they took out to make their lead-free petrol) as I am moving house the Friday before and since I quite like my wife I wouldn't want to cause a domestic; maybe the next time..! grin.gif

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