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[Audi A3/S3] after remap performance


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Hi, im looking to remap my s3 very soon, probably at jabba sport. I have been told it is roughly 260 bhp, i was wondering what real world performance gain i will get in every day driving? How useful the extra power is? How much quicker does the car feel? Have you had any related component faliure scince the power has been increased. I.E turbo, cooling system, head gasket etc..

Many thanks in advance


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A standard S3 is like driving with the brakes on.

You will wonder why you havent done it sooner.

I have had 2 from new now , both modded, and even 4 years later this one still it is hard to beat the smile it gives.

I have had no problems with the engine at all, other than the odd coil pack and a cooling temp sensor.

Both of these are common issues, that affect all cars regardless to remap.

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Coil packs are obvious, the car runs like a dog, clearly on three cylinders, and the engine management light will come on, car will revert to a limp home program.

Coolant sensor was replaced because of the occasional fault code in the ecu, but no engine management light. The old black bodied version was prone to failure, they brought out a revised green body sensor to fix it.

Although my car was one of the last few made (2003) it still had the old black version, so i changed it. (about £20-25 quid)

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Mine was done at AmD, and consistantly used to Rolling road at around 275 bhp and 290 ftlb torque.

Other mods include..

Samco upper Intercooler Hoses.

Samco Turbo Intake pipe

AmD/Turbo Dynamics Viper Diverter Valve

993 Porsche Big red front brakes

DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid

10 mm Spacers front

15 mm Spacers rear

R32 upgrade Anti roll bars front and Rear (suspension is already the Quattro GmbH lowered /stiffened Factory optional extra set up)

Standard Audi paper air filter changed every 10K miles

Castrol oil fed from new.

These mods, are unlikely to have added much in the way of extra performance, they just are more robust parts, that i can depend on.

Car is still on AVS servicing, i just chose to get it done several thousand miles before its due, so its always ahead of shedule.

Haldex serviced every AVS regardless.

I have done a few other bits and pieces, but they are not really performance related.

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