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VW Assistance & Brake Light Switch


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Sorry not had much time to post here recently following purchase of new house but wanted to describe fault & VW Assistance response in case it helps others.

Car started "kangarooing" yesterday with the EPC (Electronic Pedal Controls !) light coming on for a bit then going off, cruise was hopeless but managed to limp car home at 50mph (was overtaken by frustrated Rover driver !)

Ran vag-com & it diagnosed a fault in the Brake Light Switch (although the lights still worked) - Brake Switch F Implausible Signal. Looked on line & can pick one up for about 6 + postage & seemed there was a bit of a knack to fitting them. Then thought would call VW Assistance & see if they carry them in their vans.

Called VW Assistance about 9pm on Saturday, they were pleased that I had made my own diagnosis & said some patrols carried them some didn't so would get first patrol on this morning with a switch out to me & should get a call about 7.30. At 7.20 I got a call from VWA saying a patrol would be with me about 8, the patrol then called & said was on way.

Helpful patrol member who had been passed all the details by the control centre ran diagnostics - confirmed fault, replaced switch then charged me 7.93 for the part.

So full marks to VWA & if anyone experience the same symptoms consider the brake light switch (plays havoc with the fueling as cuts fuel when switch thinks you are braking)

Off for my Sunday worship at the Temple of B&Q now !

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