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Edition 30 Ordered!


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Defo highline -it can do so much without a visit to the stealer.

Armrest -although if you have ordered ipod, then armrest is part of that.

MFSW -great for changing tracks and playing with the highline -if order MFSW, get highline with that anyway.

Xenons -expensive, but worth it if you do alot of night driving -see vw advert grin.gif

Did you order manual or DSG?

Either way -fantastic car -the wait will be awful confused.gif

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Thanks for your replys

Highline it is then!

I think the ipod comes with the armrest

I had a test drive in the DSG - it's very very good - but i think i would crave the manual after a few months

PM me if you want an ED30 - my dealer has 2 more slots - could probably get you some discount to! =]

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