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Retrofitting Bluetooth Prep to DVD/NAV and Bose?


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This is the Kufatec guide for the complete system, you only need to do half of this for bluetooth only.

The installation of this kit should be performed only by a technician.

Improper handling of this kit may damage your car and or car’s equippment.

After installation, the can gateway (adress 19) must be recoded. This means:

Change Bit 4 of Byte 5 to 1.


- Turn off the car and pull out the key

- Open trunk, pull out the mate

- Take off the plus pole of the battery.

- remove all covers under the steering wheel (3 screws at all)

- unscrew the glove box (5 screws at all)

- unscrew the passengers’s seat

- unconnect all connectors under the passengers’s seat and pull the seat out of the car

- remove all covers of the transmission tunnel (one screw in the front)

- pull carefully the rear outlet nozzle out

- unscrew the screw behind that nozzle and take the armrest out

- pull up the car’s carpet under the passenger seat

- put the box with the interface in position

- remove the cover for the fuseholder in the backside of the car

- pull the pink protection until the first snap on contact

- put the red/white cable into Fuse S16

- connect the ground to the car’s ground

- put the 10A fuse into this Fuse

- the green wire must be put together with the fibre optic behind the glove box.

The green wire must be soldered to pin #5 of the cd-changer connector.

- put the wiring harness for the mobile phone holder into the armrest

- swap the inlay of the armrest to the inlay with part# 4F0 864 981 A

- the loom for the compensor / amplifier must be put into the right side of the car

to the trunk

- the backseats are only stuck, just pull them out.

- the compensor is mounted above the fuseholder

Mounting instructions for fibe optic:

Be very careful with the fibre optic (FO) – do not bend/fold them. Folded fibre

optic must be replaced!

- put the longer FO-loom to the infotainment rack

- pull the 2pole connector for the FO-connector out of the amplifier – the

amplifier is on the top of this rack.

- push the blue bolt out of the connector

- pull the locking feature of the „FO-IN“ (there’s an arrow that directs into the

connector) and remove the FO-wire

- remove the protection cap of the FO-wire from the loom

- put the FO-wire from the loom into the FO-IN port of the amplifier

- put the shorter FO-looom to the back of the glove box

- pull the connector from the cd-changer

- remove the FO-Out wire – as described above for the FO-In –

- put the FO-wire from the loom into the FO-Out port

- the FO-loom between cd-changer and amplifier is now unused and should be

left in the car.

Mounting instructions for the microphone to the roof module

- remove the cover from the A-pillar

- uninstasll the roof module and put a thin wire into the A-pillar of the car and

use this wire for getting the cable of the microphone to the roof module

- put the connector of the microphone into the free connector (on the right side)

Mounting instructions for GSM-Antenna:

- you can only use the shark antenna

- you need a to drill a whole with a diameter of 19mm

- make sure you place the drill in the middle of the car

- For the limousine, the distance between the glas and the middle of the hole is


- remove the back cover before you drill

- remove the c-pillar of the car (right hand side, only 1 torxscrew)

- put the wire from the antenna to the compensor

- make sure to put a piece of wood between the hole and the roof for not

damaging your roof

- make sure to seal the hole with silicone

Reassemble all parts and connect the battery

- turn on the ignition

- put your mobile phone into the holder (non bluetooth-mode)

- push the „Phone“-Key of the MMI-System

- the phone menu will be displayed

- in order to be able to use the bluetooth function, make sure to have bluetooth

enabled on your phone

- go into the main menu and search for new bluetooth devices

- your handy will display „Audi UHV xxxx“

- Pin code is 1234

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