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Is it possible to add a rear centre head rest?


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Hiya guys,

I have always thought the mk4 has looked a bit odd without the rear centre head rest, and am just wonderinf if any of you guys know if it is possible to add one? I guess not and the only way would be to buy a gti with the centre head rest and retrim in the leather?



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Some of the Mk4 GTIs have a centre headrest, but the internal structure of the seat back is different, so you couldn't just make holes in the top of the rear seat back EEK2.GIF and slot one in.

Anyway, you need to be able to see who you've just gone past in an R32, which the centre headrest restricts you from doing... tongue.gif

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Don't do it!..it is the most ridiculous /dangerous thing fitted in the car...you virtually cannot see anything directly behind you and it constantly obscures the indicators etc of following vehicles (when they bother to use them, of course FIREdevil.gif).

It also blocks the light sensor in the rear view mirror at night so the self dimmer doesn't work properly! sportifs2.gif

We have these stupid things fitted standard to ours, so you also get a lap/sash seatbelt and a reinforced seatback to cope with any crash forces, so a proper retrofit would be quite expensive.

Unfortunately, we cannot delete our fifth seat position legally or I would SWAP you for an "undrilled" centre seat cover...and pay all the postage to the UK.

If they were normal Golf size it may be slightly better visionwise, but they decided for some reason to also make them bigger than normal size.

I have now purchased a Polo rear centre headrest frame which still gives me a legal headrest, but is only about 2" high when fully pushed down...we'll see how that goes....doesn't block any of the rear glass view when fitted beerchug.gif

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