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Accident on the M4 between junc 9 and 10


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So I witnessed a awful accident this morning and so did 100s of other road users! ...To the Dirver who actually caused this accident, a black Vectra (you would know who you are if your on here as you sped away rapidly). if you have any thought for the state of the poor girl you left at the scence you will do the nobal thing and come forward. Other witnesses have the regsitration details so the law will be in touch.

Frankly it was amzing that she was able to walk away from the wrecked VW Polo she was driving. Credit to her...shaken...but not stirred!


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basically the driver of the Black Vectra cut up the young lady for some reason: either he was just trying to get past her was annoyed for some reason. What ever the reason was its obvisous that this individual has no morals or ethics! By cutting her off she was forced to slam on her brakes at 80ish mph which is not an easy thing...she had no where to go...cars on her right and a Lorry transporting cars on her left...having slammed on the brakes she entered a skid...went left...missed the lorry across the hardshoulder...down the embankment...through the wooden fence into a field...spinning a few times...front end of the car; nothing left...debris all over the side and field! and yes the driver just drove off...there is no way one can say "I never saw it" you couldnt miss it..with the could of smoke, dust and crap flying everywhere.

I find it amazing that in this day and age some drivers have total disregard for others and their lives!

My gut feeling is that he was prob a rep who was late or just go fed up off sitting behind this little polo..but that was still no excuse for that sort of driving! It could have been so much more worse....he will prob get a Driving without due care and attention or something similar if convicted. (with 3 witnesses one actually chased him to get the number plate; with statemets already taken its likely to atleast mean a trip to where ever the car is registered.

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yes. disgraceful behaviour.

so bad, in fact, you have to wonder if there's perhaps some nefarious reason the vectra was being driven like that, and the driver did not wish to be identified. I would think he must realise his plate will be taken and there will be witnesses... Maybe it was nicked? Maybe it was being driven aggressively away from a robbery or something?

I have a hard time believing a person wouldn't stop for something as bad as that without there being more to it.

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Many years ago driving along a dual carriage way I had a bloke drive between me and the girl in the outside lane i.e. making a third lane damaging both cars in te process.

Got the reg plate, and it turned out to be the son of local MP. Anyway appeals for witnesses got no reply, signage, nothing got people to come forard - except one driver....

In the end I got convicted of careless driving because I had seen what was happeneing and didnt move out the way - the girl who was involved was laughed out of court becayse the witness who did attended said she had never even been there, he hadnt seen her car and as he had been following me he would have noticed her blush.gif

Moral of the storey is - dont get involved with politicians, and dont expect a witness to come forward unless they are made to.

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Me thinks Mr d was being ironic... 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Irony - A figure of speech in which the intended meaning is the opposite of that expressed by the words used; usually taking the form of sarcasm or ridicule in which laudatory expressions are used to imply condemnation or contempt.



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