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Stereo problem (again!) 'ERR'


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Howdy folks,

I have a 98 S8 with a 6 CD changer in the boot that I'm sure a few of you are familiar with! Recently, and after I last put a new cd in the changer, I am seeing an intermittant fault. It's as though the stereo tries to 'read' the cd, can't, displays 'ERR' on the head unit, and then tries the next CD. It will do this through all 6 CDs. This is only an intermittant fault, but is quite annoying.

So far I've removed and refitted the CDs (which seemed to help for a while on one occasion) and tried different combinations of turning the stereo on and off etc which doesn't seem to help in the slightest......

Any thoughts?

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Got this sorted - thought I'd update in case anyone else has the same experience.....

The laser in the CD changer was 'dirty'. The fault went from intermittant to consistant and was resolved by the nice man at the stereo shop for nowt using a cotton wool ear bud.

No sooner have I done that, than the memory function in my electric seats has packed up.....! There's always something! At least the 4.2 lump up front still works - thats the main thing!

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