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[Audi A3/S3] Black Book Valuation


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Afternoon all

Sorry to be a pain but could someone with a latest Glass' Guide let me have a valuation for provate sale and a trade in?

It's a May 2006 A3 3.2 S-line with 21k and full history. Phantom Black pearlescent, full leather, heated seats, 20 spoke 2 piece 18' alloys and ipod adaptor.

Our local dealer seems to reckon it's worth the same as a packet of fish fingers so I'd like an accurate figure before I go back for round two.. laugh.gif

Cheers Paul

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Thanks for your help guys - much appreciated. Looked on the website and in good condition it seems to be about £17800 without any of the options which we have.

They offered us £16k exactly - which unsurprisingly we turned down. The car itself is mint, granted two of the alloys need looking at, they've been kirbed, but that's way less than we were expecting - and way less that Glass' suggests as well.

Funnily enough they have a 2004 3.2 s-line in the forecourt that's two years older, with double the miles for about the same price....Hmm...

To be honest the only reason we were thinking of changing was the mileage 'her indoors' has started doing in her new job but we can claim that back every year so I think we'll keep it.

We were looking at a newish A4 diesel s-line, then he tried to sell us a brand new one. Apparently the new A4 doesn't exist according to the sales guy..."No it's years away"...No it isn't...."Yes it is"...etc etc And anyway it won't impact on the value of the B7 A4 when it's launched.

I was quite prepared to believe him provided he bought some 'Magic Beans' from me at the same time...

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