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Another flexi card to add to my collection


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Thanks to my local dealer JCT600 VW Priory Pk, Hull, I have another flexi card to add to my collection. VW Accident Aftercare Service. It's a sort of liaising service with my Insurance company, making sure I get the best possible service in the event of me been involved in an accident. It includes things like like4like hire car, recovery of uninsured losses, injury compensation, etc ect.

Has anyone else had one of these sent.......




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Like you I received one of these VW complimentary 'Accident Aftercare' cards (a few months ago).

In the event of an accident the Dealer....'recovers your damaged car, takes it to their approved bodyshop and undertakes full management of the repairs.

....liases with your insurance company and the other driver; just one call from you and they take it from there.

....keeps you mobile with a courtesy car whilst your car is being repaired (subject to availability).

....manages all communication with your insurance company.

....recovers all your uninsured losses should it transpire the accident was not your fault - e.g. your policy excess, hire charges, loss of earnings and injury compensation.

Firstly being a bit sceptical the 'one' phone call would be quite long one as presumanbly they would need all your insurance company details which they don't hold , full details of the accident, the other drivers insurance details etc etc.

I also wonder what your own insurance company would think of this third party 'butting in' anyway ?

I suppose the pursuit of an 'uninsured loss' could be useful if they did actively go after it.

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I got one of these from the local "Beadles"

Clearly these are designed to stop your car getting to your insurer's preferred garage system.

Instead you car is delivered to the VW dealer, who will then tell the insurer that you have opted to have your car repaired there...

Profit job done, all for the cost of a plastic card!

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its run by accident exchange 'I think' and is basically them paying for the dealers mailing lists. It is pretty much independent of the dealerships in a way but is being badged up by them. Once I started questioning them I realised who it was and the terms they operate under (you aint going to ask if you just had your pride and joy stuffed). Needless to say mine wasnt even graced with a look at my wallet!!

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