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Digital Signature - How?


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Having cracked the edit pdfs with a little help here, my next question is [probably] easier:

how can I get a digital sig? Easy way is probably write it on a piece of paper, scan it as a jpeg I presume? How do I get it to be on an opaque background to just slot into a space on a form?

Any other way than the write and scan?

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Waylander, in Photoshop do the following...

Go to the Image Menu

Select Mode | Indexed Color

Select Palette : Custom

In the pop-up box select the EyeDropper Tool (like a pipette) and click the background of your image and voila! all done.

[/ QUOTE ]

I did that - nothing happened! I guess I have missed some step?

I have the image as a jpeg, does it have to be a gif or something?

I have Office 2003 but don't seem to see a Photo Editor?

seems it was dropped after Office XP

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