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Britcar 24hr Silverstone - short report and pics


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grin.gif This weekend at Silverstone was the ideal opportunity to test out the 40d, Britcar 24 hour action - great fun, camping at the BRDC farm in the circuit centre a lot more convenient that the other external camping options!

We were there to cheers along the GTS team's M3 and the Apex XKR GT3 (in its first proper race outing) - both teams did a sterling job.

The GTS team with their GT class E36 M3 was mixing it with the much bigger GT3 cars like the Duller e46 M3 GTR and the Duller Z4M (the overall winner, unsurprising with drivers like Hans Stuck onboard). I think 2nd was its highest overall position before a throttle issue, diff change and the small matter of 4 puncters cost a good couple of hours during the night. Despite all this the GTS M3 managed an excellent 6th overall and 3rd in class 169144-ok.gif

The Apex team had a solid first outing with a much less experienced team than in the M3 finishing 34th overall with best laptime of 2min 4sec though with the right drivers behind the wheel I've no doubt that car can win. Oh, and the noise - its loud and actually got oranged flagged at one point for noise and the team had to make adjustments to the exhaust 169144-ok.gif

grin.gif The most positive point about the XKR was that it completed a race that it was never designed to compete in notworthy.gif

Good effort from the Top Gear team - tech problems and a lot of smoke from their garage meant they started from the pitlane, the stig was lapping well in the 2min 16's with Clarkson in the 2min 30somethings! yelrotflmao.gif

They had fake sponsors on the side of the car Peniston Oils and LARSEN Biscuits with the stickers such that when the doors were open the only letters showing were Penis and ARSE biscuits. A very relieved Clarkson took the chequered flag in 39th place

46 cars classified after 24 hours from 60 starters 169144-ok.gif

Looking forward to next year - here are some pics, hope you like them 169144-ok.gif




















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How'd the Moslers do? smile.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

grin.gif cheers everyone - this pics busines is quite addictive 169144-ok.gif

grin.gif Full results of the race here - with the Moslers finishing 5th and 27th 169144-ok.gif

grin.gif As for the other photographer (purple bib on) walking in front of the Jag - at first I was annoyed and now I quite like the photo with him as a blur 169144-ok.gif

grin.gif As for who the Stig was that day - I could say but then I'd have to kill you sekret.gif

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