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Ultima - Any Good?


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Hi Ben

There is a big page on it on the Autopia site:


Some nice pics (i have seen dirty cars look clean in some pics!!). Its a nice forum but just like on DW look out for those who are getting the back handers. There is less concensus on there as far as product of the moment which is why i prefer Autopia. It might be b/c its a bigger or just b/c its prodominatly contributed to by a different culture.

I have read some good things but it does seem a bit expensive esp. and there are lots of new products on the market. Autopia obviously own Autocarcare....hence!!

I like the idea of spounge instead of the clay, i have one but from Dominic France. They work well and convenient, but they cannot be shapped like clay to work in between spoiler gaps and around tight areas on intreasting shapped car.

But longterm sealants that look nice, clay bars, long term tyre dressings, long term bumper dressing all about and been done before.


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I just knew it would be you that would make the first reply to this Geoff!

Thanks for the info. I had already read the pages over on the Autopia forum and wanted to get the impressions of people on here.

I am not in the market for it myself, as like many others on here I have a more than capable arsenal of products now, but looking into it for my father who does not like to spend as much time as the rest of us on detailing but that still expects his motor to look sweet!

Will see what he has to say now on the cost.


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