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Gearbox Seal & Casing - Please Help!!


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Hello all,

Right, I've got the "common fault" that my gearbox oil is leaking onto the the exhaust. Have searched this forum high and low, and hence found out that it is fairly common. And as far as I'm aware, the seal needs replacing, as well as a new modified casing? Is this correct?

I have read this: http://www.audipages.com/Tech_Articles/auto_transmission/transealreplacement.html

and although helpful, doesn't mention the modified casing anywhere.

Could someone please elaborate on this? Model number of casing? What the casing is? Where it goes? Does this have to be replaced, or is it just the seal which needs doing?

I have explained to the Audi dealer what the problem is, and they said "it's not a common fault, and we've never seen it before", and this is with 2 different dealerships. And the soonest they can look at it, is in 2 weeks time.

Please help guys! I want to be able to enjoy my S8!


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The oil leak is not life threatening for your car so don't stop using it (mine has been like it for a couple of months so far waiting for the time and good weather). Just make sure you keep an eye on the levels...

As far as the dealers 'Its not a common problem' statements... well see for yourself. Lots of people on here have had the issue and Paul Waterloo on Audipages even added it to his site its so common. Comments like that from Dealer$ just reinfirce the general feeling a few on here have that Dealer$ really don't know the A8/S8 very well at all. I'm pretty sure the parts needed are all listed on the S8 Seal and Shaft saga thread....

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