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Engine misfire


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Firstly sorry mods if this is in the wrong section...but it is R32 based and was looking for help/advice..Thanks

Took my car into the dealers due to the engine managment light being on...the diagnosis was a slight miss fire on cylinders 4 5 6...they have done pressure testing and have almost totally ruled out mechanical...they have swapped HT leads Coilpacks..they are getting advice from VW Techinal,it also appears to be temperature related to, more so when cold but to be honest its soo slight I have not even noticed it..they feel it maybe the injectors but are unable to simulate the fault every time..mmmm must be a female car does what it bloody wants..lol...they tried it today and its not missed all day..so guys any thoughts? cheers for youe help beerchug.gif

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