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for RR, GTi dyno with stock intake vs Carbonio


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I would have expected the APR Stage1 to be similar to the Revo Stage1. I'm not sure how reliable any dyno is - My plot immediately after the remap showed 221 bhp and then about 3 weeks later it showed about 20 bhp more.

I had my Carbonio before I remapped but jason1 had his Carbonio after his MTM remap and says the difference was very noticeable. The Carbonio comes with a Pipercross filter but I now have an ITG. Most Americans report very small gains with the Carbonio and bigger gains with EVOMS which doesn't use the stock airbox. But there's a point at which the turbo ceases to spin efficiently.

All I care about is how she feels to drive and not about the numbers. Which is why I have stayed on Stage1 plus my hardware mods.

I think the point is that a remap can release the potential of an air intake and that the intake and exhaust are 'related'. Responsiveness is just as important as power gains imo.

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