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Microfibre washing . . . . .


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I've previously used some MF wash. I think it was a Chemical Guys product but can't be sure now. To be honest, I can't honestly say I saw any real benefit. Despite washing / drying carefully, I tend to find that the fibres harden a bit after a handful of washes anyway.

On that note, how long do you guys / gals find your MF's are good for? I tend to chuck before they get too old.

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The majority of the time I use fairy non bio liquid at 50C and line dry, been doing this for over 2 years and never had an issue.

As for special Microfiber cleaners, I have CG Microfiber+ which does work well on buffing towels, they have alot of static when you use this product on them which I guess is because the microfibers are rubbing together because they are nice and clean which is a good thing.

However I have found CG Microfiber + to actually depleat the absorbancy on waffle weave microfiber towels. It comes back when you was in fairy non bio, but I wouldn't wash these types of towel in a special cleaner anymore.

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I have to say i still use my Supreme Shines from Meguiars alot and some are easily 2-3 yrs old. I think the less you have the quicker they wear out. But the SS seems to really stand up well and they are great for most jobs.

I suppose some stay as my quality towels for buffing waxes for about 3-4 months. You need them to have a bit of bite or they wont remove polishes or hardened wax stains. I have system where they get moved down finally to the wheels.

When i was in the USA i got some large, well over 1 meter long MF cloths, they fold up so thick they are a disaster!!

I cant comment on the CG's MF wash cleaner, all i can say is their products tend to be hit or complete miss. It seems like the cleaner has the same effect on WW that fabric conditioner has.

I have WG/Pinnicle cleaner and it works well for me.


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