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Autoglym Lifeshine


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Simple question, replies appreciated. My girlyfriend has acknowledged that, I love her to bits. She has accepted that I like my car. I have just bought a spotless A4 V6 Quattro, she now appreciates my fetish (she is a named, however, supervised driver) She has offered to pay for a full valet, it's my birthday soon.

Is Lifeshine worth it? I have no real interest in the "Free kit" any good recommendations, any preferences, any suggestions?



P.S How do I change my car (Merlin purple A3 uattro..................?)

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Hi Chilli

I think the text at the bottom of your messages is your signature and you can edit that by logging in, clicking "my home" from the top menu. At the next page look down at main configuration and the option is in there somewhere.

LifeShine is a little different to the details you might be posted on here. Lifeshine provides long-term protection and quite a reflective look as opposed to something thats esp. deep, wet and sharp. Each to there own as everyone likes things differently.

If you have time to put your own wax over LifeShine you might get the best of both worlds. Failing that take a look @ http://www.tyresmoke.net/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/997424/an/0/page/2#997424

If you can get a full detail like that then your on your way to being a very happy boy!!


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I guess it depends on how keen you are on cleaning your car.

I've Lifeshined mine twice in the first couple of months. I now use other products on top. I'm regularly fussing over my paintwork and probably didn't really need to apply it as I apply other products very regularly.

If you are the kind of person who polishes your car say once or twice a year then it might be worth considering. If you're the kind of person who blings it up every week and polishes / seal / wax regularly then yopu may be better off considering alternative products which may provide a better look but not necessarily the longevity of Lifeshine.

My Father In Law also applied Lifeshine as he is the sort of guy who will wash his car once a fortnight and polish once a year. Now already several month old, the Lifeshine seems to be holding up well. He also finds it very easy to clean.

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