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Pug 307 CC


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  • 3 weeks later...

Loving it? I had one of these as a rental in German working at the Nurburgring, had 130km on it when I picked it up and wasn't very impressed.

It handles differently with the roof up or down. Up, expect lots of bodyroll. Down, expect understeer followed by a pendulum effect if you lift off mid-corner.

General lack of traction out of corners, would spin the wheels easily even with the traction control on.

Little bag cover in the boot would come unhooked with the roof down, so the roof refused to move until you reached in and hooked it back on. Great if it had pinged all the way back as the roof was in the way.

Also cunningly dropped it off in the underground car park at the airport with the roof down, only to realise my bags were of course trapped under the roof SAUER0421.GIF

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  • 7 months later...

Haven't tried putting the roof down in a car park yet, but there seem to be sensors that would stop the roof mechanism when presented with an obstacle,as I found out when trying to close the roof with a 7ft strip of skirting board in the car.

The lack of accessibility of anything in the boot with the roof down is a relatively minor issue as you can't put much in the boot when the roof's down anyway, so you tend to readjust, like putting stuff on the backseat. Worth it for the pose value of having the top down though.

Haven't observed any understeer problems, but then again after a Stilo everything feels like oversteer.

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