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EVO tyre test 2007


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Oops I've just bought four PS2s, but I have to say the grip is superb.

The car feels like I have uprated the Anti Roll Bars, the turn in is much sharper and the car feels lighter.

It's strange if they didn't do well, haven't seen the test, as they are very highly rated by other magazines but it is only their opinion, it would be interesting to see other tests.

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How did the Continental tyres do? Sport contact 3s?

I will have to sort a subscription out for that magazine I buy it every month anyway. sportifs2.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

final scores

1. goodyear 96.4

2. vredestein 95.4

3. continental 93.5

4. bridgestone 92.7

5. michelin 92.4

6. pirelli 92

7. kumho 88.7

8. dunlop 86

9. yokohoma 82

And some wet braking stats to make you think shocked.gif

1. goodyear 39.26m

2. bridgestone 39.98m

3. continental 40.29m

4. pirelli 41.20m

5. kumho 41.30m

6. vredestein 41.84m

7. michelin 43.03m

8. dunlop 45.10m

9. yokohama 51.78m

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Could we get this moved to General Cars as it is useful for everyone 169144-ok.gif


[/ QUOTE ]

Sorry, I did think about posting it in general but I posted here because it was a direct test of these tyres on gti's. Tyres dont always translate the same to every car but this is kind of definitive for us gti owners 169144-ok.gif

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....And/Or reposting the 2007 EVO survey list in the sticky thread. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Yep, even better 169144-ok.gif ...can threads be merged in a few weeks time ?

Went into Smiths yesterday and nearly bought EVO, I flicked through the pages and saw no tyre test confused.gif Then I saw a preview of next months mag and it was advertising the tyre test. It said next issue on sale from September 19th ! Do subscribers get their copies early or something ?

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