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Ipod connection with CDC


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Apologies if this has been posted many times before but

how can i get a wired connection with the CDC in the armrest.

I don't mind spending some money and wouldn't mind sat nav as well.

Ideally I would like a OEM unit but if that is not an option than 3rd paty is fine.

Also anyone recomend any fitters in the Brentwood area ?

Would appreciate any help

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I looked at the oem, however ipod control is very limited.

You can get 5 tracklists that show up, as cd 1-5 on the head unit, but only move forward through the tracks 1 at a time. Also you don't get any track info.

I picked the harmon kardon plug and drive. This gives you a jog dial that mimics the ipod wheel, and a small display that lets you see all the ipod information. I put the display in the ashtray gap, hard to see from outside, but clearly visible. Available from halfords for £80 fitted. It wires into the arial feed. so is far better than a wireless version, or you can use a connect2 to input it via the cd changer control. It does inprove the sound.

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