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Bought a used car with an ongoing fault


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Hi all

I am sure someone posted a while ago with a similar problem but I cannot find it.

My wife bought a Golf GTI on an x plate, the dealer gave it a 3 month warranty.

The car has been back 3 times as the emissions light keeps coming on about 50 miles after they have fixed it.

They have not fitted any replacement parts and I fitted a maf myself as I was getting fed up with them just reseting it. The light came back on as usual, so at least the maf is ruled out.

The dealer has not yet refused to fix it but is starting to become a bit more awkward. The warranty is up in 3 weeks, so I think htey will then try and wash their hands of it.

What are my options, I assume it would be difficult to reject the car as I have allowed them several attempts to rectify the fault and it was a used car.

The only other way I think I can do it, is by posting them a recorded letter giving them seven days to rectify the fault and if they dont then I would have it repaired at VW and submit the bill to them or via the small claims court.

Any advice would be really appreciated.



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