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That hazy look after washing...


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Its starting to p155 me off! What causes it? Last time I cleaned the car semi properly (2-3 wks ago) I washed, dried and waxed. I'd like to think my paint is in pretty good shape, its seen 3-4 good polishes in the last 6 months.

Yesterday I just washed and dried. When the light is shining on it I can see like a very fine hazy swirl. Not like proper swirl marks, more random than those. What is it??

I'm wondering if I'm not rinsing well enough before I wash. Am I dragging dust across the paint? I usually rinse well, but only with a gun attachment on the end of the hose so not masses of pressure.

Advice please! 169144-ok.gif

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This is prob down to the possible lack of a good pre wash, something like snow foam and a lance works wonders.

You look after your car giving it 3 polishes in the last 6 months....thats some care 169144-ok.gif.

Trust me and the others on here we havent looked back since the good old snow foam and lance ! grin.gif

Lets know how you get on, I know it can annoy the hell out of you because I too have been there sometime ago.

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One of my bug bears in London - cant wash my car in the car park!

So I went to the local car washing place (hand) and asked the owner if he would use my own mitt/drying towel/mf cloths and wheel cleaners - he was cool so 20 mins later all cleaned with my own gear!

I even asked him to prewash as I do with my foam lance - which yeah does need a pressure washer!


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You usually get two lances with a Karcher, one for power cleaning (arrow shaped nozzle) and a straight one, go with the later as the shampoo/foam products and cleaners do the work so it's merely a tool for washing off, not for blasting bugs etc.

If you find something stubborn like tar, bird mess etc, then treat it with the appropriate product, leave to work and then you can just clean the residue off with the washer. 169144-ok.gif

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But surely the lance things that come with it are sufficient to shift surface dirt/dust (through pressure alone)?

[/ QUOTE ]

Use a snow foam to completely cover the car and leave it for as long as you can without it drying on the car. This will help to soften the dirt and road grime on the car.

The wash it off with pressurised water - make sure you get it all off.

Then cover the car again, and use your wash mitt and hey presto - no swirls or haze 169144-ok.gif

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