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Alpine Sat Nav Question

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I’m looking to upgrade my current car audio system with an integrated sat nav set up. I quite like the look of the Alpine IVA W200 or IVA202 matched up with the Alpine NVE N099P navigation unit. As I have some other Alpine bits in my car it looks like it should be quite a simple job to wire it all in. I was just wondering if anybody else had experience of any of this kit and their comments. Also as I now have a young child in the back, could I use this set up to drive a monitor in the back whilst driving and still be able to use the Sat Nav?


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I run the N099P with the latest mapping DVD and its very good.

I'v had Alpine kit for 11 - 12 years now and have run the previous 2 models from CD-rom based to the 1st N077P DVD based system and god knows why I waited so long to upgrade to the 99P model as it wipes the floor with the previous systems.

Its ultra fast at routing and re-routing, (I can turn it on, plot a route and be ready to go before my mates MIO has even fully switched on!) 7 digit post code entry has yet to let me down, split screen with close up 3D drawings of the approaching junctions. One thing I only just noticed last week was in major city's it tells you which lanes to use when your coming up to a junction. So if you came up to a 5 lane wide junction it would highlight that you needed to be in lane 3 for your turn. very good when its busy traffic.

If you do a lot of mileage and your in the car most of the day its a MUST as you will defiantly get your moneys worth out of the kit, mine is in use 6 - 7 days a week 15 hours a day and its worth every penny.

The likes of a tomtom are ok if your an occasional driver but it would just do my head in having to fiddle about all the time with wires all over and taking it out every time I stopped. Iv come to the conclusion these days if you want the proper tools to do the job you just have to get your wallet out and pay for it, its a s simple as that.

Its not just the navigation side with a high end system its the whole package you get, seamless integration between the radio, mapping and films. Having it all mixed and controlled, the radio volume is lowered and the navigation instruction is given then the music volume is returned for example. A big 7" screen with a good size map is far better than some 3" pda and a fizzling speaker.

If your unsure get a demo 1st from any descent car audio store, you don't have to buy it but you can get a feel for it and what your buying into !



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I had the N077P and then the N099P in my last RVs - as mattcony says it was great.

The only thing I found was that you have to let it start up before you move off - once I didn't and it confused the gyros so it thought that I was turn in a series of leftward loops when I was actually driving straight! Having said that it starts up so fast (as mattcony has said) that it's not a problem provided you don't forget to turn it on (better still have it always turn on with the ignition).

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