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WARNING: This post contains opinions


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I, like most of you, watched the Belgian GP and in particular Alonso's effortless dismissal of Hamilton and, yes, it was truly as awesome a display of racing superiority as I've ever seen. Alonso not only beat Hamilton - he annihilated him.

Fernando Alonso; coldly ambitious; villainously treacherous; utterly devoid of either moral compass or backbone and about to become World Champion for the third time. (I'm a pessimist) At least now I know how the Romans felt when Caligula declared his horse a senator. What times. What mores.

A Ferrari one-two is nice though, as is a resurgent Raikonen. Having said that, I grow weary of little Kimi's inconsistancy. Am I really the only one who want to bend that boy over my knee and cruelly spank his cute little behind?

Before I leave you, does anyone know where I might obtain the English supplement for Laugier's Bugatti T57S? I believe the translation was done by a writer called Fatio

Keep well and remember, I prefer rude and insulting responses. Must try harder Miss Lyman.


Johan Buchner

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I have been reading your latest posts and must confess I was amused at first, but I'm growing tired of their tone and content.

If anything, your disdainful remarks about the Spaniards in general an Alonso in particular give a very good indication of the sort of person you are. A Spaniard myself, I never thought much of your insults (mainly because I'm now certain that I'm overall happier in life and less frustrated than you), but I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to please stop it. I'm not referring to what you say in this particular post of yours, which is pretty harmless, but to what you have written about other forum members and nationalities in previous posts.

You are certainly witty, but that doesn't mean you can stretch the limits of your freedom of speech to the point of insulting everybody and then say that those are your opinions and they are untouchable. I'm afraid they are not. They are insults, no matter how skillfully you word them.


A spineless coward.

PS: Aware as I am of your liking for good English writing, I know you will appreciate it if I draw to your attention the fact that you have misspelled the word “inconsistency”.

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If I understand you correctly you are asking that I do as follows:

1)I should stop insulting Alonso. - Request denied

2)I should stop insulting Spain. - Request denied

3)I should stop insulting Britain and Grant Lyman. - Request denied

4)I should keep my opinions to myself. - Request denied

However, I am not totally insensitive to your anguish; may I suggest you contact the administrators of this forum and get them to cancel my password. Freedom of speech is a right; membership of Sniff Petrol is a privelege which may be forfeited. If enough people feel the way you do, I wont be allowed back in.

I am Yours etc.

Johan Buchner esq.

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